Terms and Conditions

The fallowing conditions are a summary of the rental agreement and are subject to change at any time.



The rental agreement shall be signed by a person aged at least 18 years old.

For the porpose of hiring, the driver must possess a valid driving license to be shown at the pick up time.

For some categories of vehicles you must be at least 21 years old and have a driving license isuued at least one year prior to rental. In case you do not have these requirements Carbustec will decide the possibility of supplyng the vehicle behind the payment of a "young drivers insurance".



The customer will pay the rental in advance as shown in the rental agreement. Payment are accepted by credit or debit card and cash.

At the  pick up time will be required a "SECURIT DEPOSIT" payable by credit card like VISA, MASTERCARD OR AMEX. Alternatively, only under discretion of management, a deposit may be paid in cash, electron or debit card (VISA ELECTRON etc). 

The amount of the security deposit depends on the type of vehicle and corresponds to CDW (collision damage waiver) or, if you choose a COVER insurance, the deposit required corresponds to the excess provided for this type of insurance. For example, for a car A1 ECONOMY category, the security deposit will be EUR 800 with the standard insurance included in the basic price or EUR 400if you choose a COVER insurance with an excess of EUR 400.



- The liability insurance, insurance for third party injury and death, damage to animals and property arising out of use of vehicles by the customer or any other driver authorized by the hire company.

Collision Damage Waiwer (CDW) reduces the Damage Liability Fee (DLF) in the case of damage  to rented vehicle in the event of a multi vehicle accident.

At the pick up time (or during the online booking) you can buy one o more  insurance extension.

- A milage rate varies according to the rate chosen.

- Rates are always VAT and other TAXES inclusive .



An additional driver can be added at a cost of 4 € per day, provided they meet all the conditions required by CarBusTec.



Reservations are not accepted by telephone or e-mail unless prior agreement with management.

Reservations at our offices are subject to payment of a deposit equal to half the amount of the rent. Cancellation of the reservation will not be entitled to a refound of the deposit.

Online reservation is considered accepted only after payment by credit/debit card or Paypal account and remains however subject to confirmation by Carbustec within 24h from the payment.

Where the booking could not be confirmed we will refund at full the amount paid by re-credit to your credit card or Pay pal account and give communication to the customer.


-100%  If the cancellation is made less than 24 hrs prior to pick-up time of vehicle / If passenger is a No Show 

- 50%  (minimum € 50) if the cancellation is made between 24 Hrs to 72 Hrs prior to pick-up time.

- Fixed Penalty of € 50 if the cancellation is made between 72 Hrs to 7 Days prior to pick-up time

Fixed Penalty of € 25 if the cancellation is made  7 Days or more prior to pick-up time

The refund will be made In the same mode of payment used while booking.



The vehicles rental must be returned with the same amount of fuel on delivery as shown in the rental agreement. Any excess fuel in not entitled to any refund. In case of lower fuel level you will be charged for the fuel missing plus a refueling service of € 10.

The lack of documents ar accessories will be punished in accordance with the rental contract.

In case of prior return of the vehicle a refund can not be given for the days left.



Rental rates are calculated based on the solar day (not 24 hours)

Vehicles are hired for any single day or combination of days. The day starts at 09:00 and ends at 19:00. If hired for more than one day the first day commences at 09:00 with the last day completing at 19:00. Other timings can be arranged with the agreement of CarBusTec.



Deliveries out of rental time terms (there is a tolerance of 30 minutes) will be charged of € 100,00, plus the rental rate specified in the contract, per day or part of it.



Use of the vehicle outside Sardinia is it possible only under Carbustec authorization.