BAIA CHIA: dunes and flamingos.

Chia, about 50 kilometers from Cagliari, is a town in the south west coast of Sardinia. It is one of the most picturesque parts of Sardinia, well known and appreciated for its crystal clear waters and beautiful golden sand dunes. There is a beautiful lagoon that is home to rare species of water birds including the famous pink flamingo.

How to get to Chia?

+  rates, fuel efficiency, ease of use and parking, freedom of movement
–  no one 

+  high comfort (even carrying a passenger), medium-high-performance, feeling of freedom, easy to drive
–  no one​

+  high comfort (even carrying a passenger), medium-high-performance,feeling of freedom, wide choice of models
–  no one                               

+  low cost rates, wide choice of models
–  no one