Wi-Fi Carbustec, Stay Connected Everywhere!


Add a pocket Wi-Fi Hotspost to your rental.

Wi-Fi Hotspot is the new service  offered  by Carbustec that allows you  , through a tiny pocket router, to stay connected anytime and anywhere while on holiday or a business trip without worrying about the exorbitant roaming charges or to waste your time looking for a wi-fi network.
You can download your e-mail, connect to your favorite social network, share photos, use Skype or WhatsApp to talk with family and friends, book a hotel or a restaurant, look for a phone number and find lots of useful information about places you are visiting. 

How to buy the Wi Fi Hotspot service?  

Wi-Fi Hotspot service can be purchased, along with the rental of any vehicle in our fleet (car, motorcycle, scooter e bicycle), through our online booking system or or at our offices

How does the  Wi-Fi Hotspot service work?

Just turn on the device to have access to a network to which you can connect over Wi-Fi up to 5 devices (computer, smartphone e tablet) without having to install any software. Connection speed up to 21.6 Mbps download and 5.7 Mbps upload. Battery life up to 5 hours in connection.The device is easily rechargeable via USB cable (included) or standard micro USB charger.